The situation of coronavirus infections in the world is very delicate. The numbers seem to be growing, but the virus seems to have mutated, so much so that most of the cases detected are asymptomatic. We must continue to maintain all precautions and always try to behave correctly, respecting all the rules, in order to be able to keep the situation under control. The WHO wanted to give great hope to the whole world, explaining that the pandemic is definitely slowing down.

Who on Coronavirus

According to the latest weekly who data, the pandemic is slowing down significantly. The figures are positive, particularly on the American continent. More than 1.7 million new cases and 39 thousand victims were reported in the week from 17 to 23 August, with a decrease of 5% in infections and 12% in deaths compared to the previous week. The only places where there has been no slowdown are Southeast Asia and the eastern Mediterranean.

The latter two areas increased by 4.06% and 4.28% respectively. On the American continent, the decline in confirmed infections was as much as 11.35%, while in Europe by 0.9% and in Africa by 8.4%. These are very positive data that raise the hope that this pandemic can continue to slow down. Several restrictive measures have been taken in our country, such as the closure of discos and ballrooms. For the time being, the return to school seems certain, but in the next two weeks the numbers of infections will certainly be assessed, just as they were in the case of the elections.

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