Why should you choose Italy as your medical travel destination?

Traveling to Italy is the dream of many people worldwide, rich culture, fantastic Mediterranean climates, historical places, and marveling sights are worth one trip to Italy. Italy’s medical tourism market holds nearly 2-5 % share of the global medical tourism industry. The number is predicted to increase in the next decade. But have you ever considered Italy as your medical tourism? In this article, we will enumerate Italy’s significant advantages as a medical tourism destination.

medical tourism italy

1. Modern and highly equipped Hospitals

Italy, according to World Health Organization, has the 2nd best medical care in Europe after France. Also, more than 13 hospitals are JCI accredited, which makes Italy a safe place for medical tourists. But you should notice that, as in every country in the world, there is a difference in the quality of the hospitals. So before embarking on your trip, it is better to consult a health travel agent. We at Bookingsmed can recommend the best hospitals and doctors based on your specific situation. Many in need of luxurious experience and first-hand care and also the for getting best rehabilitation and aftercare choose Italy as the ultimate destination.

Medical Tourism Italy

2. Getting Visa easily

Italy offers visas to medical tourists very soon and the Italian government is still working on easing visa policies and making it hassle-free.

3. Competitive price

Italy is not a cheap country for medical tourists but still, the procedures are competitively priced which when compared to the quality of the care that you receive there is quite fair. So by choosing Italy as your medical tourism destination, you not only receive high-quality medical treatment in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but also you can save 10 to 20 percent.

4. Procedures & Surgeries

Medical tourism in Italy is growing fast, and it is getting more popular around the world. This reputation mostly turned back to highly successful medical treatment there. These days Italy is famous for cosmetic procedures, hair transplant surgery, weight loss, bariatric procedure, and also cancer treatments. italy is famous for advanced oncology treatment, More people survive certain types of cancer after treatment in Italy than in any other European country, according to a new EU report on Italian healthcare. But the medical procedure is not limited to these procedures, medical providers also offer a wide variety of procedures.

The most famous medical procedures in Italy:

  • Dental
  • Cosmetic
  • Cardiovascular
  • Cancer
  • Neurological
  • Orthopedics
  • Fertility

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5. Highly Diverse Climate

“Italy is a country that really does have it all. From the magnificent mountains of the Alps and the Dolomites to the stunning beaches of Capri and the Italian Riviera; from ancient Roman ruins to the timeless rolling countryside of Tuscany. Whatever you want from a destination, you’ll find it here.”

What awaits you in Italy is just marvelous. Italy has great cities with spectacular renaissance architecture in Florence, Genoa, Naples, Venice, and Rome. History, tradition, fashion, and cooking are all mingled in Italy. You can add beautiful scenery and great weather to the list. Traveling to Italy is on the wish list of many around the world.

 Due to mountainous conformation, Italy enjoys a highly diverse climate. Climate ranges from humid subtropical to humid continental and oceanic.

6. Combine your holiday and treatment

Italy is well known for its fashion and style. It has many beautiful historical places and monuments. And also many beautiful sceneries all around the country. So you can easily combine your medical treatment with your pleasant pastime at numerous recreation spots.

7. Thermal waters and spa resorts

Italian wellness tourism has also gained momentum thanks to numerous spa resorts located on mineral and sea waters and a wonderful Mediterranean climate, which contributes to healing and rehabilitation.

Italy’s proximity to the largest cultural and historical centers and excellent tourist infrastructure make it an iconic option for modern medical tourism. Many procedures like orthopedics need rehabilitation time, you can receive the best experience in natural resorts and spas.

the advantages of medical tourism in Italy are not limited to these, we can add many to the list. Italy as a top tourism country is planning to be a leading country in health and medical tourism too. state of art hospitals and facilities and highly qualified doctors, good transportation, and fantastic weather make Italy a preferred choice for many around the world.

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